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First Responder Holistic Wellness and Resiliency

Training coming soon! Check back here to register when course is live.

Have KCCRT Attend Your Event/Conference.

Would you like KCCRT to attend your event and provide information about our services? We're here to support your community. Let us know if you'd like us to join!

Technical Assistance for your Peer Support Team
Do you lead a peer support team or are interested in starting one? KCCRT is here to provide technical assistance for your agency/organization. Let us know how we can support your organization.


​​​​​​​First Responder Holistic Wellness and Resiliency (coming soon!)

​The Holistic Wellness and Resiliency training will be provided FREE of charge to your organization. Equip your first responders with our pragmatic Holistic Wellness and Resiliency Course, addressing physical, financial, spiritual, environmental, and social health. This practical strategy ensures they're prepared for challenges, fostering resilience and preempting critical incidentsThis course is currently under construction, check back soon to register!

KCCRT Representatives will Attend Your Event!

Elevate the impact of your event by inviting a Kentucky Community Crisis Response Team representative. Our expert knowledge in critical incident stress management and psychological first aid for first responders and communities ensures your attendees receive essential guidance for effective recovery. Showcase your commitment to community well-being with KCCRT's presence, making our valuable services known and accessible throughout the Commonwealth.

KCCRT Provides Technical Assistance

KCCRT leadership offers invaluable technical assistance to local first responder and community peer support teams, providing comprehensive guidance and advice tailored to their unique needs. KCCRT can assist in equipping your agency with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate critical incidents and provide crucial support to their members. Additionally, we offer ongoing consultation and resources to enhance team performance, foster resilience, and promote overall well-being. Moreover, KCCRT can facilitate networking opportunities, knowledge sharing sessions, and access to best practices to further strengthen peer support initiatives within agencies.​

​​KCCRT Offers Training

​We provide a comprehensive array of training sessions year-round, meticulously crafted to address the dynamic needs of our first responders and communities. In collaboration with ICISF, KCCRT provides critical incident stress management (CISM) assisting individuals in crisis and group crisis intervention and other ICISF courses. Our training programs are developed to equip KCCRT members and other agencies with the skills needed to thrive in peer support, disaster response, and bolster resilience after critical incidents and traumatic events. 

​Check-out Some Free Training Opportunities: 

Crisis Response Care

Online portal to access Crisis Response Care (CRC) which ​is about impacting communities through training and supporting many first responder networks.​

SAMHSA DTAC "Just in Time" Tra​ining

"Just in Time" training provides a quick overview of the CCP and the skills needed to provide behavioral health services after a disaster.

NCTSN Learning Center Psychological First Aid​

Psychological First Aid (PFA) Online is 5-hour interactive online course that helps participants learn the core actions of PFA and describes ways to apply them in different post-disaster scenarios and with different survivor needs. This course also covers provider well-being before, during, and after disasters. This course is relevant for new providers who are wanting to be oriented to PFA, as well as for seasoned practitioners who want a review of the PFA concepts.​

SAMHSA Service to Self-Training

This free online training course informs fire and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel about their increased risk of experiencing mental health and substance use issues and conditions. It also equips them with information and resources to address these issues in themselves or their peers.

First Responder Creating Safe Scenes Training

This course is designed to help first responders understand more about mental health, mental illness, and substance use disorders so they can better assess risks and apply the safest strategies for taking care of themselves and the individuals they are called to serve.
Shield of Resilience Training

Shield of Resilience is a training course that helps law enforcement officers learn to recognize signs and symptoms of stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicidal thoughts and actions.

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