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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Kentucky Law Enforcement Assistance Program

Purpose: To provide CISM services during the acute phase following a critical incident to prevent the destructive effects of emotional trauma, job related stress, and accelerate recovery from critical incidents before stress reactions negatively impact an officer’s performance, career, health and family.

The Kentucky Law Enforcement Assistance Program (KYLEAP) provides the entire spectrum of services from pre-incident training, acute crisis response, and post incident support to law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth. KCCRT​ recruits, trains and credentials experienced law enforcement professionals to be peer members of the statewide KYLEAP team. The team receives training in providing multi-component critical incident stress management (CISM) interventions and suicide interventio​n and prevention training.

See the KYLEAP Program brochure.​​




Team Membership levels are based on education requirements, regional involvement, and KYLEAP response experience. Team members advance through membership levels by taking KCCRT​ classes, attending quarterly team meetings, and going on KYLEAP responses. Each volunteer is credentialed to serve in 4 year terms.

​To apply for a KYLEAP Team Membership, please complete the components below.

Download the Instruction Packet for more details on how to complete the application process.


Complete the online application. You will need upload some documents, including your resume and recent photo.


Complete a series of online and classroom courses. Learn more about courses and view upcoming course offerings.


A letter of support, signed by your agency, shows your commitment and is required to complete the application.